Level portal
Come share, review and play Super Mario Flash levels !

What is the level portal ?

The level portal is a forum specially designed to allow people to share levels created in Super Mario Flash.

What is a level code ?

Super Mario Flash does not save custom made levels directly into the game, to allow players to save their creations, SMF generates a simple text containing all information needed to re-construct the level, the level code.

A level code :

How do i submit my levels codes ?

Use the "Submit Level" link at the bottom of the portal. Be sure to copy the level code from the game correctly and paste it in the level code field. Then, name your level, write a short description and press the submit button. You are limited to a maximum of 2 levels per 24 hours.

I cant post my levels, why ?

-You are limited to a maximum of 2 levels per 24 hours.
-The portal is in intensive rating.

Intesive rating ?

-When the portal is in intensive rating that mean there is too many levels who dont meet the requirements to be moved. We do this to allow all levels to be moved or played. No one really play or rate levels located in the last page of the pending section. -The intensive rating start when there more than 90 levels in the pending section. -The intensive moving stop when there is no levels remaining in the pending section.

What will happen with my level ?

All new submitted levels are placed in the pending levels section of the portal. Your level will now be visible for everyone. Mario flash players will try the level and rate it. Then after a certain time, your level will be moved in another section based on the ratings your level received and the sections requirements.

Sections requirements ?

The Best section is the top, your level will go there if your level got a score higher than 85%. You should also know than the best section is the most visited section, so more players will try it.
Your level will go there if your level got a score higher than 60%. It means than your level is good enough to stay on the site. It wont be deleted.
This is the garbage section, your level will end up here if: Your level dont respect the portal rules (example : no flag pole), your level cannot be completed, the level code doesn't work, your level is clearly a spam level or the rates are too low. All levels in the spam section are eventually deleted. Spam section is not visible but your level(s) are visible in your profile level list.

When my levels are moved ?

-Our server move levels every 2 hours and your level needs at least 5 votes to be moved.
-Level are not moved twice.

Can i edit the levels i posted ?

Yes :)

Portal rules :

-Dont vote your own levels.
-Check your language.
-Respect others opinions.
-Do not create fights. (for example, because you had low rates or if a user used the ignore function on you).
-Creating a "wall of shame" or accusing user(s) in your profile is creating fights.
-No Flaming.
-Do not spam the comments system.
-Flooding the comments with post containing external links is spamming.
-Do not post level codes in the comments and reviews.
-Finish your levels before posting it (we don't want "beta level" or "its not finished yet").
-You have the right to use the vote or the review system to rate a level.
-If you want to rate a level lower than 5, you can only use the review system and you must explain why you voted low.
-No need to be harsh when reviewing a bad level just give some advices to help...
-Give a chance to new and beginning users.
-Dont vote a level only based on its difficulty or if you can beat it.
-Don't post the same level twice. If the level was deleted you cant post it again but try to make it better before re-posting it.
-Do not copy a level from another user.
-Levels that use glitches of the game are allowed, but, You should know than they create confusion and can be taken for impossible levels then deleted. So if your level use a glitch, say so in the description.
-Do not give misinformation.
-Xat chat(s) or other kinds of chat(s) are not allowed in profiles because they can't be monitored by moderators.
-Using HTML to make the site glitch (HTML abuse) is strictly forbiden.
-Admin and moderators have the last word.

Level posting rules :

-Your level must have a decent size. (Greater than 2500x or 2500y for example).
-Fill the main part completely.
-No monsters overload.
-No random warps that kill the player.
-It must have a goal point.
-It must not be impossible to complete.
-The level code must work.

Any more info ?

-You should know that our moderators may manually move any level and ignore the moving and section requirements.
-We may delete any of your levels without any notice.So save your levels on your computer !