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Good levels
Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
Kenman world 1-4Kenman66 Medium/SMF1883%Section 3
World's Hardest Levelsuperaman Medium/SMF11258%Section 3
Taco Boss 1Tacolad Medium/SMF1880%Section 3
KW 1-2 'Deep Deep Cheep'kingweevil Medium/SMF2675%Section 3
The real Luigi`s Mansionluigi1 Medium/SMF1875%Section 3
Stone landMoan 49 Medium/SMF1660%Section 3
The Castle of Move1-upman63 Hard/SMF2574%Section 3
Raft levelBMenSD Medium/SMF2584%Section 3
The BeginningTheSarge Hard/SMF2562%Section 3
Flying boat Nightcore Hard/SMF2580%Section 3
1-2 Special Operations1078639154 Easy/SMF2671%Section 3
Switching to Fall - Play in Super Pop Flash ModeFactor M Medium/SMF2572%Section 3
New Super Mario Bros. 2 World 2 CastleMoe Moe 10 Medium/SMF1570%Section 3
better sky worldmonkeymon55 Medium/SMF1678%Section 3
danger in mountainnoiboi Medium/SMF2770%Section 3
eXtremefeep Medium/SMF1785%Section 3
Super Mario Adventure 2 World 3-2MarioMan125 Medium/SMF1584%Section 3
Donutwolf's SMB1 (World 1-3) Stage #003Donutwolf Medium/SMF1771%Section 3
F0r3e5t h4v0cxPortugalx3 Medium/SMF1582%Section 3
Modified Darkfire CaveSquirrel-Risu Medium/SMF1775%Section 3
mario spiapaco232laqueen Medium/SMF1764%Section 3
The ApocalypseOldLavy Medium/SMF1987%Section 3
Yoshi Island: Hop Hop Donut Lifts READ DESCRIPTION!Mario6556 Easy/SMF2784%Section 3
Super Mudkip Bros 1-2Mudkip0820 Medium/SMF2584%Section 3
Superstar Road 1Robotoidcatsrule2 Hard/SMF2566%Section 3
scenery maker stage 13 read descriptionscenery maker Medium/SMF1566%Section 3
Bianco Hills 1-2Petey Pirahna Medium/SMF11068%Section 3
Deathinator 1-1Sam516 Easy/SMF1875%Section 3
Mario and the lost three green balls part 1Alexagfs Easy/SMF2685%Section 3
Lava Ball Maddnessalextsmith Medium/SMF1560%Section 3