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I will rate almost any levels you tell me to, SMF1 or 2, if they're not too hard! Only exceptions are levels of extreme length and levels which are made using SMF2 hack versions.
My levels are usually really short, due to my lack of imagination and time to fill up the level without leaving lots of empty spaces.
I am also a lazy level maker, most of the time finishing a level in 2 weeks or so.
<font size=3>Series:
World 1-1 - Best
World 1-2 - Best
World 1-3 - Good
World 1-4 - Best
World 1-5 - Best
World 1-6 - Best
World 1-7 - 20%

Unnamed (not very) big castle level (might be used for a contest): 65%

<font color="Gold">Best levels: 8</font>
<font color="Silver">Good levels: 3</font>
<font color="Brown">Spam levels: 0</font>
<font color="DarkSlateGray">Pending levels: 0</font></font>
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Status : Registered user

Age : 13
Location : Vietnam
Levels : 10
Rates : 292
Joined : 12/31/1969
Website :
Fans/Friends : 28

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